Monday, May 11, 2015

Wonder wash * Review

This is my camp washing machine, you can fit up to 2 big towels so it holds a decent amount. 
I have also washed Sally Girls sleeping bag in it.
If you wash the cleanest items first you can reuse the wash water for the next load.
This type of washer does not wring out the washing, that will have to be all you and i have learned to use a bit of hot water in the rinse water so its not so freezing cold.

You only need a small amount of washing liquid / powder, i use liquid as it does not need to be dissolved and i find it washes out better than the powder.
If your washing a lot of items fill the washer half full, add your items. You can then add more water if you need too but do not over fill with either water or washing as it will not wash well.

Screw down the lid and make sure it is on properly and then turn the handle and give your arm a work out. It can be used left or right handed. A few turns one way and then the other. 
Depending how dirty your items are it should only take a few mins.

Now this is where a husband comes in handy........ :o)

There is a stopper in the bottom so when you empty it the wash is not sucked into the drain and stop the flow. I have found that when i am washing the stopper drops out and is tumbling around in the wash. This will not cause the machine to loose water.

When your ready to empty your machine attach the spout and it will empty on its own.

This very brown water was after tea-towels, table clothes, hand towels, bath mats and car rags in that order.

After the wash you wring it out as much as you can into the machine, drop the wash into a bucket with clean water and rinse and wring out, this is where i put in some hot water so i don't freeze my fingers off.
I have found the washer to be very good it cleans really well and does not use a lot of water or detergent.
I can highly recommend the wonder washer.

Clean washing flapping in the wind always makes me smile.

These washers are about $50 depending where you get it from, you can also get replacement parts.
They are light weight and easily pack back into their box and i highly recommend keeping them in the box as it makes them easier to pack into the car, caravan or trailer. 

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Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl


  1. I have one of these. It works great - in fact, I think the clothes come out cleaner than in my normal washing machine! I use it a lot over summer when the water tanks are low. I would love to have a hand wringer like the ones in the Lehman's catalogue.

  2. I've been looking for a way of "hand washing" laundry. This looks really good. Thanks for sharing.

  3. thank you for stopping by :o)
    Jayne - we dont have companies like Lehmans here in Australia, i have to say that their wringer is pretty impressive, we are going to see what postage would be...
    Jennifer - glad my review could help, i highly recommend the washer.Especially as they are less than $50

  4. What a nifty little contraption! I had to hand wash for four months before our household goods arrived at the farm. This would have been a blessing!!! Thank you for sharing this week on the Art of Home-Making Mondays. It is nice to "meet" you :)