Sunday, July 26, 2015

Shipping Containers

We purchased 2 shipping containers from Pambula, they were the only ones who would deliver for a reasonable price. 
$7300 for two 20 foot containers delivered. 
The reason for the containers is we need somewhere to store all our stuff when we get it delivered.
Going form a 4 bed house on 1/2 an acre, to a 1 room cabin on 160 acres. 
Plenty of acres not enough house for all the stuff you accumulate over the years, even though we sold off heaps of stuff before the moving truck arrived.
When the guy got here he said he doesn't complain about stuff but all he did was complain about how far it was from town and how long it took to get here and how bad the road was.
Andrew did tell him but it seems people only hear what they want to hear.

The first shipping container arrived and was placed in just the right spot.

For some reason the guy painted them red.
In our other life red would have been perfect but here in the country a more subdued colour like green or grey would have fit in better.

Instead of driving off the side of the pad the way he came in he attempted to drive up the top.

He got bogged pretty much straight away. Andrew towed him out with Betty, just so he could get stuck in the same spot a second time.
Andrew then towed him back onto the pad so he could go back the way he came in.
Came up to the cabin for a cuppa and morning tea before he left and the complaining continued.
We ended up telling him he didn't have to deliver the second container but he said no, its all work and no use in complaining.

A couple of weeks later he came back with the second container, we tried to put it off as we had had a bit of rain and the paddock was pretty wet.
But he came and guess what got bogged as he drove up top when Andrew told him to drive down low. So Betty pulled him out again.

Unfortunately it was so wet he couldn't get in close enough and it was set down half on and half off the pad.
The reason we wanted them put in a certain place is because we want to put a roof over them so we had a sheltered area in between.
Still more complaints and Betty towed him to firmer ground so he could turn around. Took the rest of the cash and left.
We can get it moved but that is more money that we just don't have to spare.
So we have our containers but we can't have any of our stuff delivered as the ground is just too wet, already had to cancel one delivery date.
Storage is about $300 a month, money we could use else where but we have no choice, we would never be able to tow out a removal truck if it got bogged.

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Farm Tour

Using my new video camera, i took a short walk around part of our property.
This whole You Tube business is hard to work out lucky Andrew and Joshua are good at these things.

Early Bird Farm Tour

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl

Friday, July 24, 2015

Levelling the Ground

We have met some really nice people since moving down here and one of them is Jamie, who i call Bobcat Jamie.
We had Jamie come over to make us a flat area for our containers.

Because the ground isn't as hard packed as it could be, we had Jamie park the truck up the road and drive the bob cat on in.

Had the pad dug about 100 metres or so from the house. The ground was a bit soft but he managed to get it done.

Also had Jamie dig us a flat area for the fire pit.

This we will build a stone wall around at sitting hight. Big cooking fire pit in the middle and eventually a pizza oven in one corner.
I think it will make a great gathering area to spend time with friends and family.
Oh and cook some delicious meals.

Now we are accumulating a pile of stones and boulders, cant wait to get started on the wall.

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Betty Got Bogged

We have not had too much rain but our place is soo wet, actually its more than wet the ground is very squishy. 
We were told by an old timer that all the water is caused by the frost, it draws up the water from the ground and freezes it, then it melts during the day and just sits there, the whole thing happens again the next night.
We have had frost pretty much every night, it is so thick its like snow on the ground.

Our drive and around the house is so wet that Betty got Bogged.

We tried to pull her out with the buggy and nearly succeed.

Andrew and Joshua got to digging and tried putting pieces of timber under to give her some traction,
All that did was sink her in deeper.

Two of our neighbours dropped in to try to pull her out with their utes. Still stuck and it was getting late and starting to get very cold.

Tomorrow will be another day,

Big frost again, all the ground is frozen and the holes are filled with frozen water.
Dug trenches to get the water to drain.

One of our neighbours Rod came up with a high lift jack and a load of bricks.
Jacked her up at the back and put down bricks, then jacked up the front,
Once all the bricks were down they put on a snatch strap to Rods ute and Betty was freed from the mud.

Now Betty has to be parked up on the hill about 100 metres from the house on hardish ground.

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl