Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Drive in the country

Well its all the country down here, we decided to take a detour down the old Bombala Road on our way to Cooma and this is what we saw.

An old railway bridge, to say that the trains stopped running in 1985 the bridge is in top condition.
It remind's me of a western, just waiting for the steam train to come chugging a down the line and the train robbers galloping down the track to stop the train and robe the passengers and the train of the pay roll.

The line went to this huge store house, that has 3 floors, dont know if its still used but it sure is impressive. 

 We also came across the biggest apple tree i have ever seen.

There was not one leaf left on the tree but it still had hundreds of apples on it.
Andrew climbed halfway down the embankment to pick some.

We only managed to pick a couple as they were too far to reach.

The apples were not like your supermarket apple, they were sweet, crisp and juicy.

These pictures do not do the tree justice, it is huge.
Next year we will be taking a ladder when we visit this tree.

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl


  1. yeah that bridge does remind me of breaking bad when they rob the train, is that building your new super lab haha

  2. Lovely old things. Nice to see them still standing. That apple tree would have been a real treat to find.