Monday, May 18, 2015

Early Bird Farm

Andrew was out most of the day and while he was out i made a our new sign.
Not too bad for a couple of sharpies and an old book case.

This is the new wheels for the farm, had it delivered yesterday.

Andrew said it is so i can learn to drive, but its really his new toy.
I dont know who like's it more Andrew or Sally Girl.

 So today we headed out with a can of red paint to mark our boundary, we don't have any fences.
160 acres is a very big piece of land.

So much teatree its crazy.

Cold nights and mornings.

Very thick frost the last two mornings, all the water frozen, and had to tip kettle water on the zipper on the toilet tent as the zipper was frozen and would not open.

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl


  1. That is a lovely sign, and a nice touch to your new homebase. The ATV would make it easier to get around the property too. Looks like you're all settling in.

  2. Wow new golf cart
    All you need to do now andrew is develop the course
    Could be the sawgrass
    Have fun