Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Country Comfort Hot Showers

We have had a few people ask us about our shower so here is a quick look.

This is a Country Comfort gas hot water system.
These are Australian made and come from Australian Direct and at $299.00 they are not cheap but i can tell you it was well worth the price.

We have one of those fold up shower tents they are great until you have to fold them up that is. 
They are a nightmare, you end up folding/ bending it as much as possible and then shoving it into the bag as quick as possible before it unfolds it self. I suggest you get someone to help you so your not the only one swearing at it.
Other than that they are pretty good as a shower tent, the water drains easy and it has 2 mesh pockets for your soap and shampoo.
I do suggest that you get a couple of those rubber/ foam mats for under it, it will make it a lot softer on your feet especially when you don't notice the rocks and sticks when putting it up.
These tents also double as a loo tent. At $59.00 they aren't cheep but if you need it for more than a few days it is well worth it.
We have used it on a couple of short camp trips and the 42 nights we spent camping at Quidong before we moved to Early Bird Farm, where it is up again and we will use it till we build our wash house.

The Gas shower comes with a shower head that fits through the back window of the shower tent and can hang from the roof with velcro tabs or the hook.

This is a collapsible 100L water tank, we picked these up at anaconda for $40 each 

The top zipps on with a vent at the top.
If we shower together we use about 30L and if we shower separate about 20L each.
Save water and shower with a friend......

The shower also comes with the coil hose and a pump.

We purchased a small battery for $30 to run the water pump.

A 8.5kg gas bottle hooked to the instant hot water system. For the 42 days we camped we used less than a 1/4 of the tank, so its pretty cheap to run.

Now we have a 45kg gas bottle hooked to the hot water system.
With all the frost we have been getting the water freezes in the hose and the knobs on the system freeze up as well, so we cant get our shower until later in the afternoon or at night before it gets too cold.
Today we decided to bring the pump and hoses into the cabin and to cover the water tanks, gas bottle and hot water system, in hopes that we can get a shower in the morning.
But alas a hot shower was not to be.
Cant wait till we build the wash house.

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl

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  1. I thought maybe you only showered once in a while, stopping at community facilities. I don't think there's anything wrong with not showering every day, if that's what the circumstances require.

    I'm constantly surprised with what you've been using to get by though. I've heard about those solar showers, but they're great only in summer I imagine. Bring on the wash house. It sounds like you need it in those cold extremes!