Sunday, August 23, 2015

Work Shop part 1

Putting in the stumps
We have decided that we dont want to use concrete at all so all of our buildings will have timber tree stumps. 
We purchased a petrol post hole digger and i have to say it is worth every penny.
I could not imagine digging all the holes by hand and not just for the buildings, we have miles and miles of fencing to put up as well.
We are cutting all out timber over sized so we cant be tripped up by the council if they come snooping around.

When the stumps are level we packed them with dirt and gravel. Tamp down around the stump until it is tightly packed. Then move on to the next one.

Because this will be a work shop it will have lots of very heavy tools and such, we wanted to make sure it could withstand the weight.
The stumps are 1500 apart from centre to centre, there are 12 stumps all up.

To get the level we used a string line, the side rails from the mill and a level.

It has worked pretty well and if any are a little low we can always pack them up when we put the bearer's on the stumps.
I think that i am enjoying working on the building more than Andrew is. I would be at it every day if i could, but we are working at Andrew's pace, cause he dose most of the heavy lifting so to speak.
Next up we will need to mill the bearers and then the joists.
I am having heaps of fun and i cant wait till the work shop is finished. 

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl


  1. Nearly all buildings were constructed like this in the past. Many of those houses are still standing. The only thing I would be concerned about is termites. Do you intend to buy those metal capping plates, as termite barriers?

    Sorry it has taken me so long to comment, both here and on my blog. I had a couple of big challenges to get going however, so now I have the time to catch up.

    It all looks very exciting at your place though. :)

  2. We have always found the biggest difficulties on our property arise from not having the right 'tools' for the job. Yay, go the post hole digger, wish we had one! We started out trying to hand dig holes for corner & straining posts & decided there were not enough weekends in a year to see the job finished, so paid a neighbour to do them with his tractor & post hole attachment.

    I am thinking you may be going the green way so you may not be up for the suggestion of sump oil to deter termites? We liberally coat all our wooden posts with sump oil. My husband is a mechanic so we always have lots of the stuff.
    Looking forward to seeing the work shop progress. Keep up the enthusiasm.

  3. thank for dropping by ladies,
    we are concerned about termites and i have looked into the ant caps and at $5 each they soon add up pretty quick.
    We have discussed using sump oil for the fence posts, and we will probably go that way as we can get as much as we need from our brother in law.
    however saying that we are trying to be as green as we can but some times you have to compromise.
    as in the post hole digger that runs on fuel and oil in stead of a hand post hole digger, which we have and have used but boy is it ever hard work.
    i guess we are just trying to make our own balance between going green and the mainstream.