Sunday, August 9, 2015

Phone Aerial

To get some sort of phone signal we purchased a Yagi aerial.
We live in a bit of a valley so getting a signal is not easy, the first attempts were no good.
A quick phone call when we were in town to the guy we purchased it from and he said it has to be high, as high as we can get it.

Another trip into town to see Mal the metal guy and had two pieces of square tube cut and drilled to size so when we got them home we could join them for a hight of 10 metres. 
It swayed a bit too much so we decided to drag up a downed tree from the second paddock.
Brought it up using the buggy, it really is a very handy vehicle.

Dug a hole for the tree to sit in right next to the aerial pole.

To get it up we lifted it onto the T bar on the back of Betty.
It might look like a small tree but i can tell you it was very heavy.

Andrew reversed Betty very slowly till the pole was pretty close to the house, the bottom slid into the hole.

 Andrew had a good try at lassoing it but it was harder than he thought.

Decided to tie a lead to it, that i threw up onto the roof.

Pulled it up and the tree slid into place, too easy.....

For the time being the pole is attached to the tree with cable ties.

The big question is does it work?
Well yes and no, some times it is awesome and then other times we get nothing, mostly when the weather is bad like fog, rain, wind and snow.
When you move to a property with no services it makes life more interesting and sometimes challenging. 
Face everyday with a smile and an open mind and you can over come most things.

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl

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