Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Lucas Mill

We took a trip down to Victoria (one of the scariest trips back, but that's a whole other story)
to pick up a Lucas Mill .
Left at 6 am and finally got back home at 1.20 am the next day. It was a very long trip wish we had stayed over and did the trip over two days.

Before we went Andrew had Mal down at the metal works make up a T frame to hold the side rails of the mill on the roof. It just bolts to the tow bar and can be taken on or off in a few minutes.

Andrew has wanted a Lucas Mill for quite a while, so to say he is happy with his new toy is an understatement.

Dudley from Lucas Mill put the mill together for us and showed Andrew how to use it before it was packed into the trailer for our trip home.

Took Andrew about 30 mins or so to put up the first time.

A week or so later Andrew picked a tree.

Got out the chainsaw and docked both ends.

Moved the tree with a log dog.

This time setting up was a bit longer as the tree and the mill had to be set up together.

The first cut......
Cuts like a dream.

Making sure the water is full is a priority as it keeps the blade from gumming up. 

A few lengths cuts.

The piece can now be chocked up higher so the blade can turn or it can be turned over and cut from the other side.
The last option is to leave it as it is and use it as seating.

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl

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