Wednesday, August 12, 2015


We decided to move the shower to a better spot and as luck would have it when we bought the place this old concrete shower base was already here.
Joshua came down for 2 weeks and when we took him back to Sydney we came back with half a dozen pallets, they are really hard to come by down here.

We had a few slate tiles so they went down for the gas bottle to sit on.
Two pallets one for the shower and one for the veranda.

I cut the bottom out of the shower so it would sit over the concrete base and Andrew nailed the tent peg tabs to the pallet.

A few mats over the veranda and it all went together in about an hour.
With views of the bush.

The shower has had a good scrub but will need the pressure cleaner to really get the dirt off, in the mean time one of those blue mats will do to stand on.  
At the moment the water is directed by a trench, we will pick up some fittings so we can have it run through a hose and direct it to where we want it.

Next was the toilet, it didnt really have a place we just moved it to where ever.
Now we have a toilet with views that is up off the muddy ground. 
The only problem is, when it rains you get a bit wet. Thinking we either need an umbrella or another tarp.

For Andrew's Birthday Joshua got him a water cube, it holds 1000 litres .

At the moment we are just filling it up from the jerry cans when we go to town, but down the track we will pump water from the big tank off the house to the cube.

All hooked up and works like a dream.

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl

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  1. Very impressive, using what you've got and recycled materials. I can make a suggestion for the toilet shelter. If those are star pickets you have, why not run some flexible ag pipe across, like they do for shading vegetable beds, and throw a tarp over the top?