Sunday, September 13, 2015

New Steps

On our last trip to Sydney we brought back a set of steps and today is the day they will be installed.

There was timber and a large rock step and we added the iron, but it was time to go as it is a good place for a snake to hang out and im not a fan of snakes as most of you know, and spring is here and so is the warn weather.

Away went the rock and the iron, with a few Red Backs on the underside.

Next the old timber was prised up.

All raked up and ready.

First Andrew add a piece of timber under the edge of the floor.

Using a Bit and Brace, drilled holes in the floor and screwed it together.

Added a second piece of timber in front. The timber is Yellow Box that Andrew milled.

Again drilled and using hex screws to attach.
Next drilled holes in the top to hold the stairs in place, sorry didn't take a picture of that bit.

Levelled the dirt and attached the stairs, added a couple of paver's at the bottom.

We may add some gravel as its a bit muddy.

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl

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  1. I am not a fan of snakes either. We certainly have our share of Red Backs here too. You are both very adventurous I must say.

  2. Nice rebuild. But I have to say, those spaces next to the stairs are screaming, edible pot plants! You need a mass of herbs, just outside the front door, to pick for dinner and breakfast. When I say you, I mean "me", lol.

    Well done.

  3. thanks for popping in Ladies, its nice to see someone reads my blog.
    i dont know if we are adventurous, its not all that hard
    , we do after all have a cabin to keep us warm and dry.
    yes to the herbs just have to wait till all our stuff arrives as i dont have any empty pots, the ones i have here are all full of fruit trees.