Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Weekend Sunday

Sunday we went into Eden for lunch at one of the takeaway shops on the boat harbour. There were a lot of people lined up so thought it would be good. 25 min wait it was crazy.  

Went down to Boyd Town to eat and a walk along the beach.
FYI the lunch was not worth the 25 min wait time. Next time we will go to the place that has no line up.

We decided to drive down to Mallacoota in Victoria and go to the beach.
Mallacoota was place that Dad and Andrew wanted to go to for years and they never made it there.

It is a very cute seaside town with more accommodation than permanent residents.

The tide was on its way out of the little inlet.

So this is for you Dad....

The beach was pretty nice, i think we will visit Mallacoota again.

Betka beach

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl

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  1. Lots of blue sky and sand. Nice to soak up during the day, after the cold mornings! Stay warm.