Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Day at the Beach

We went into Bega yesterday for a bit of shopping, Sally Girl really does love going in the car as soon as you open the door she jumps in.
After that we stopped off at Merimbula and then went straight into Pambula to the beach.
Pambula is one of the best beaches especially if you walk around to the Pambula River Mouth.

Sally Girl had not been to the beach before and usually shy's way from water but she seemed to have fun running through it and especially likes walking on the sand.

As it was hot Andrew and i got an ice cream and Sally Girl had an icy pole.

I am pretty shore she liked it course it was gone in less than a minute. Yum....

When we got back to camp we went on over to Phillips place and started up the fire so we could cook a chook in the camp oven.

After her big day at the beach and helping start the fire Sally Girl had earned herself a rest in the dirt. I am pretty sure she was once a black and white dog now she's more brown the white.....

 The chook i stuffed with sage and onion stuffing from the day before's leftover bread.

Getting the fire hot.

Chook in the fire to cook for one hour.

When it came out, the outside was black but under the skin it was moist and juicy. Yum..... Chicken....

Sally Girl was finding it a bit cold early in the mornings and kept trying to get on our bed, so while in Bega i picked up a kids sleeping bag for $16, zipped her up in it last night and she didn't get up until we did. 

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl


  1. Yum for the chook! Are you going to try damper in the same way?

    Sally is so cute. If you had your sewing machine, you could whip up a dog jacket. But a sleeping bag does the trick too.

  2. ill be making bread tomorrow in the camp oven, we are going to have to buy a coat for Sally Girl it is soo cold here in the mornings she shivers and heads back to bed