Monday, April 27, 2015

Camp Life

Little bit of rain is a bit of an understatement especially when your camping every thing seems wet, cold and miserable.
The clothes don't dry and your towels are wet before you even use them.
We went into town to do the wash the other day as it was the first lot of sun we had seen in over a week. Washed it all and took it back to camp to hang on the line, the sun didn't last long and the rain was on and off, then it got cold so in came the washing. 
The following day it was raining and miserable so we went back into town and put all the washing through the clothes dryer. 
Anyone who knows me knows i don't use dryers they are a huge waste of power and your clothes shrink.
Well clearly i forgot about the shrinking in my water addled mind and now all my long sleeved shirts are now 3/4 sleeves,  not to mention how short they now are i can barely tuck them into my jeans. They weren't the only things to shrink and unfortunately it was all my stuff and Andrew got away with all his clothes still the same size.

This is a bridge on New Line Road at Creewah, only after a little bit of rain. It did clean Betty's tires and rims but that was short lived, cause there is always another lot of mud to drive/slide through.

Today we went into Merimbula and picked up some LED Strip Lighting, well i can tell you they are well worth the $70 we spent. It makes night like day well almost and now when we get back after dark it makes cooking a whole lot easier than with just lanterns.

Maybe now we will stay up past 8pm, well unless its too cold that is and our nice warm bed calls to us as it has been known to do ( i swear ).

Curry Chicken for Andrew's dinner tonight but with no chicken as the chicken isn't delivered to the butcher till tomorrow. Cooked under the new lighting, oh its like Christmas......

A bit of time spent at the beach in Pambula.
The best part of going to the beach when its cold or raining is you get it to yourself.

No matter the weather, we love the beach.

Despite all the rain and shrinking clothes we are still having fun.

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl

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  1. Glad you guys are safe from all those extreme weather events in NSW. I think I'd be pining for a house after all that wet!