Monday, April 20, 2015

Camp Oven Cooking * Sausage Hot Pot

Sausage Hot Pot

This is for two but again you can size it up to however many you need to feed.

4 Sausages 
1 Tbl Onion flakes or 1/2 a fresh onion if you have it
2 cups Beef Stock
1/4 cup Rice (uncooked)
1 Tbl  Mixed Herbs
1 Piece of ham chopped or a slice of bacon
small clove of Garlic grated
a few dried mushrooms or fresh if you have them
Salt and Pepper
Worcestershire Sauce a good couple of splashes

Brown your sausages in a fry pan.
Add to your camp oven rice, herbs, salt and pepper, worcestershire, stock, mushrooms and onion if dried.
Cut up the sausages and add to your camp oven, I use a pair of kitchen scissors to cut them up so much easier.

Now fry up your ham and garlic.
If using fresh onion and mushrooms fry them at the same time until onion is caramelized.
Add all to the camp oven and place over the fire just off to the side.
Stir every 10 mins of so and turn the pot so it cooks even and does not burn on one side.
You Dont want a huge amount of flames or coles under it or it will burn and not cook.

About 40 mins over the fire give or take depending on the amount of heat, then its cook and ready to serve.
I like to serve it with mashed potato and crusty bread.
No bread this time as i have not mastered bread in the camp oven yet.

Side Note: i like to use a spicy bbq sausage. 
If your gravy is not thick enough then add a little flour and stir to thicken ( a little goes a long way when it comes to the flour).
If you dont have mixed herbs then it is also nice with 1/2 tsp Thyme and 1/2 tsp Parsley.

I made this recipe up for the slow cooker but it is heaps nicer in the camp oven.

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  1. Great recipe! Thanks for sharing with the Say G'day party! Pinned and hope to see you on Saturday!