Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend Saturday

We started off our day by going into Delegate, it is very close to the boarder. After that we went into Bendoc which is just over the boarder in Victoria. 
Below is the Bendoc hall and beside that is a picnic area with a BBQ, tables and chairs, toilets and free showers. it is pretty impressive that such a small town has free showers.

We went into Bendoc to have a look at a property, it was about 5 mins out of town on a road that is closed due to snow 3 to 4 weeks a year.
The property was empty but there turned out to be someone staying there. The place said 2 bedroom cottage with solar panels and a water tank, plus another cottage out the back.
Well this place turned out to be straight from a horror movie, there was junk and rubbish every where it was surround by huge gum trees so it made it dark pretty much all the time. the solar panels dont work the cottage was very rundown and the back cottage was down right scary. Andrew went in there while Sally and i stayed out side, we didn't like it one bit. on my way back to the car as we were walking through the bracken i had a leach attach it self to my leg, Gross.... I was very glad when we left there.

At first when we saw it Andrew thought it was a wild pig as we just saw the back end.
It turned out to be some sort of deer, (no we didn't hit it)
Dad wanted to see pictures so these are for you Dad.

We decided to head on down to Orbost, we didn't go down on the Monaro HWY, that was the good way it turns out. 
We went down Bonang Road, 75 Km of winding mountain road. 
Lucky it was a long weekend or we would have had log trucks barreling down on us, as it was, it was pretty deserted. How ever it took us a good 2 or more hours to make it into Orbost.

With out a doubt the best thing about this road was the creek and road signs, i didn't get to photograph them all as some places there was nowhere to stop.

So here are just a few, there was also a Dead Bull Creek to go with the Dead Calf Creek.
A Pumpkin Hill and a Pumpkin Hill Track.
There were a few more that i cant recall now.


This was a rest stop on the way down with a little creek running along side.

The only thing i can say about Orbost was the lady at the information center was very nice
and had a few good yarns and suggestions on places we could buy down there. Oh and they had a goose who lives at the center and wondered around where it liked.
Next we headed on down to the beach at Marlo, it was the place to be for fishing cause there were a lot of people doing it.
Not on my must see beach list as it wasn't very impressive at all, hence the fact that there are no photos.

 We then headed on down to Cann River again we had come down here the day day before as well.
Its a cute little town with 3 motels and one Pub Hotel all on one street.

It has a pretty good kids park/ play ground with clean facilities there is a picture in the men's toilet that i will post another day.

At the only service station/ truck stop in town this is one of the signs out the front, if you haven't noticed i'm a bit of a sign junkie i love odd and unusual signs.
This one however could mean eat at your own risk. Saying that Andrew loves their coffee, ( yes hes back on the coffee.) They also have the cheapest diesel around.

It was a very big day, we headed back on the Monaro Hwy.
It was just starting to get dark when a baby wallaby hopped out on the road luckily we missed it.
And about 10 mins later there was a wombat idly crossing the road didn't even speed up when it heard us coming, not a care in the world. I think that is why we see so many of the dead on the side of the road.

 Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl


  1. Love the rest stop!
    Hope you guys had a good Easter xxx

  2. You have reminded me of my travels as a youngster, noticing all the dead animals by the side of the road. Poor dear.

    Your photos remind me of when I used to live in NSW also. Always great creek beds. Keep having fun. :)