Saturday, October 31, 2015

Furniture Finally

We had kept all of our furniture in storage for so long because it was so wet here and we didn't want the removal truck to get bogged. Cars were bad enough but a truck is a whole other story.
Andrew found out that we have two underground streams coming from the front entrance and cutting across toward the cabin. With that plus all the frost sucking the water to the surface our place was like a quagmire.
On the 22nd of September we booked in to have our furniture delivered, the ground was dry and no rain or frost for 3 weeks, i couldn't wait. Every thing had been in storage since march and there were lots of things we could use.
There was no sign of them by lunch so Andrew rang up the company to see what was going on.
Well wouldn't you know it, they crashed the truck just outside Pambula.
For the next 3 weeks the only things we were told was the truck was recovered and towed to a storage facility in Bega, then all our stuff was transferred from there to Pambula for storage. The truck was wrote off and all they would say was most of our boxes were in tact.
Finally they delivered on the 19 October over two days as they used a smaller truck.

As we watched them unloading we saw just how much damage they had done, pretty much all our furniture was in pieces.
The two guys who delivered told us they also unloaded from the crashed truck and told the company that everything was totalled.
I was ok to start with but then all of our good furniture was unloaded......... needless to say i had a bit of a cry. People say its only stuff, most of the time i would agree as it can be replaced. However there were other things that can't be replaced.

This was my dressing table, the mirror didn't arrive and neither did the missing timber.

I had 19 of these crates and all were either broken or missing.

This was a coffee table that Shanna made me, some of the pieces are missing, oh and its broken.

Apparently there were lots of stuff not in boxes any more so they just dumped stuff into new boxes.
These are photos they are not just bent but the box is full of dirt and gravel, needless to say there are quite a few damaged.

This is our Butchers Block that Andrew's brother made us as a wedding gift, lucky it can be repaired.

These next two photos are my Dinning Table that Shanna made for his year 12 wood class.
The frame and legs are broken and the top is in pieces and there are bits missing. :o(

This use to be a hall table that Andrew's Brother made us, not only is the sides and top broken but two of the legs are missing.

Shanna made this solid jarrah coffee table, we could have fixed it but one of the legs is missing.

 Bedside table with a missing leg and shelf.

I think Andrew was most upset about his BBQ, he was looking forward to using it. Not only was the stand broken and that was in a box but the lid and base were broken also.

I guess these next two photos tell you how hard the truck hit when it rolled cause both of our ladders were cracked and bent.

So for the last 7 days we have spent all day every day pulling everything out of each container and checking every box and furniture item. Listing and photographing every thing for the insurance company and finding replacement prices. 
Now we are just waiting to see when an assessor will be out to go over it all. Not looking forward to that as i am over moving boxes for quite a while.
You might have noticed that i said things were missing, well quite a lot of stuff was missing and not just broken items, like mirrors and pieces of furniture. All the long frame pieces from our green house didn't arrive along with our trolley wheels, tools, toys, and even a tea-chest box full of new fabric for my Early Bird Kids business.
What i have shown you is just a small sample of what was broken we estimated it to be about $49,000.00 and i'm still finding things broken. 

There is going to be quite a few trips to the tip when all is said and done.
The only other time we had broken things was when we moved to Tassie and then it was just two mixing bowls and two terracotta pots.
We have moved a lot and i am very good at packing but when a truck rolls it does not matter how good you are, you still end up with a load of broken stuff.

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl


  1. Golly, I feel so bad for you guys. I can understand letting go regular furniture, but stuff made by family is priceless. I was relieved to hear you have insurance, but it still can't replace those family heirlooms.

    Be sure to go over your insurance fine print, so if your insurance guy tries to deny you money you're entitled to (which they will) then you know which clauses to remind them about, which are legally binding. Don't ask me, how we know. ;)

    I didn't know you guys lived in Tasmania. What made you move, if its not too personal a question? Everyone raves about moving to Tasmania one day. I know I thought it over seriously myself. But I really wouldn't want to live anywhere but Queensland. I'm not a big fan of the cold.

  2. How heartbreaking! I'm so sorry to read this. I can only hope that the insurance process goes smoothly and quickly.

  3. So sorry to see how much damage there was. How awful for you especially in your situation where it has sentimental value. I do hope you don't have any issues with your insurance company.

  4. Thanks for popping in everyone, im sure everything will work out for the best, it does seem to be one thing after another but what can you do but just keep moving forward.
    Chris- we did not have the insurance, it is down to the removal company as they crashed the truck with no other vehicle involved.

    As for Tassie, we moved down for work and that didnt go too well so we moved back and sometimes people aren't as friendly as you would hope.
    It is one of the most beautiful places and we saw a lot of it, Andrew and i will go down again and do some touring.

  5. Oh dear! I'm sorry sis. I'm sure this last week has been a rollercoaster. Xx

  6. So much damage! My heart is breaking for you especially over the sentimental furniture pieces which can never be replaced. I hope the Insurance company do the right thing & settle quickly in your favour. Perhaps the only way forward & to keep your spirits up is to look at it as a fresh start.