Sunday, October 4, 2015

Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Anglican Church at Wattle Flat NSW.
This beauty was built in around 1870 from local stone and has stood the test of time as the walls are double thickness.
It has recently had a new roof, unfortunately it is no longer used and the interior is in bad shape.   

It still has all of its lead light windows with only two that have missing parts.

The church was pretty nice but the graveyard drew me in with all its wrought iron fencing and large head stones.

I came back to this headstone more than once, the verse at the bottom made me smile and the craftsmanship at the top is truly impressive.  
I have not seen a lot of headstones with verses, its usually just in loving memory of... and the dates.

This old church is now privately owned, dont know if the graveyard came with it but probably not.
Maybe the next time we head out that way the church will be a new home for someone.

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl


  1. Love it. I love the verse on the headstone too. Captures a lot of emotions

  2. oh hello stranger, thanks for dropping by :o)