Sunday, November 1, 2015

Last week of October

Birthday Girl
This week Sally Girl turned 7, she has had big beef bones every day and doesn't like it when you go near them.

She really is a spoiled puppy.

This old house we saw on one of our drives, the yard was full of old farm machinery and big shady trees, love that they fly our flag in their front yard.

Last week i pick up my seed order from the post office, 78 packets.

These are the ones i got out of a box this week.
i love seed catalogues and on line stores, all those pictures of fruit, veg, herbs and flowers. Its the possibility of greatness, am i as good, can i grow that.
Its a bit like going on pintrest and seeing all those food photographs and you start to feel hungry.
Or maybe its just me.........
i think im a bit obsessed with buying seeds.

Found this green guy hopping across the yard in the scorching heat.

Went for a drive out the back of our place a couple of days ago and came across the wild heard of goats that live here. Sometimes they are in our front paddock, i do like to see them especially as they had a couple of kids.
National Parks is always sending out forms to all the land owners, wanting to cull them on our lands, everyone says no, so they can only shoot on their lands.
They say they are a pest and bring wild dogs, its them that bring the dogs and foxes cause they aerial shoot and leave the carcass on the ground and to me that's like leaving the pantry door open.

This is one the Kangaroos in our small heard that like to hang out at our place, we have 4 with joey's, they are very cute and fun to watch.
However im sure i wont be smiling if they decide to have a feast in the veg patch, if and when we get the fencing done that is.

Last but by no means least is the cutest Australian animal ever, the shy and elusive Echidna .

I saw him down near the containers and he got scared and hid under a log and started to burrow in. I waited around and watched till he came back out.
Wildlife photography is certainly a waiting game but well worth it when you get to see animals like this. I ended up taking about 20 shots but didn't want to bore you all so i settled on just two.

How cute is that face..........

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl

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