Friday, July 24, 2015

Levelling the Ground

We have met some really nice people since moving down here and one of them is Jamie, who i call Bobcat Jamie.
We had Jamie come over to make us a flat area for our containers.

Because the ground isn't as hard packed as it could be, we had Jamie park the truck up the road and drive the bob cat on in.

Had the pad dug about 100 metres or so from the house. The ground was a bit soft but he managed to get it done.

Also had Jamie dig us a flat area for the fire pit.

This we will build a stone wall around at sitting hight. Big cooking fire pit in the middle and eventually a pizza oven in one corner.
I think it will make a great gathering area to spend time with friends and family.
Oh and cook some delicious meals.

Now we are accumulating a pile of stones and boulders, cant wait to get started on the wall.

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl


  1. I guess you really need flat land for storing large containers, so it was necessary. But compared to our slopes, your land already looks flat to me. ;)

  2. it needed to be flat as the containers will be used as work shops once all the furniture and stuff has been sorted. i do wish that i had down sized even more, there is just so much stuff we dont need any more.

  3. I know - being on the land, changes everything. Suddenly, what was appropriate in one location, is no longer suitable for another. You can always trade with the neighbours though, if you decide you don't want to store it all. They may have stuff lying around, they don't want any more either - like an old rainwater tank, that can be turned into animal housing or raised beds.