Thursday, July 23, 2015

Betty Got Bogged

We have not had too much rain but our place is soo wet, actually its more than wet the ground is very squishy. 
We were told by an old timer that all the water is caused by the frost, it draws up the water from the ground and freezes it, then it melts during the day and just sits there, the whole thing happens again the next night.
We have had frost pretty much every night, it is so thick its like snow on the ground.

Our drive and around the house is so wet that Betty got Bogged.

We tried to pull her out with the buggy and nearly succeed.

Andrew and Joshua got to digging and tried putting pieces of timber under to give her some traction,
All that did was sink her in deeper.

Two of our neighbours dropped in to try to pull her out with their utes. Still stuck and it was getting late and starting to get very cold.

Tomorrow will be another day,

Big frost again, all the ground is frozen and the holes are filled with frozen water.
Dug trenches to get the water to drain.

One of our neighbours Rod came up with a high lift jack and a load of bricks.
Jacked her up at the back and put down bricks, then jacked up the front,
Once all the bricks were down they put on a snatch strap to Rods ute and Betty was freed from the mud.

Now Betty has to be parked up on the hill about 100 metres from the house on hardish ground.

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl


  1. Bogged like a submarine! I don't normally swear, but I would sure cuss if that were my car and it kept going down like that. Great thinking with the neighbours jack and bricks.

  2. stuff happens, no point in getting mad. just another part of the adventure 😉

  3. That kind of attitude will get you far. :)

    It was nice to have a hoard of helpers too. I remember the first time we drove onto our property, on our high slope, dirt road. We couldn't get the car back up. So my husband door knocked on some neighbours and they brought their neighbours too, and before we knew it, we were given our first lesson on how to do a fish tail up a difficult slope, in a heavy station wagon.

    They said if putting our foot down after a good run-up didn't do it, they were going to place some weight in the back, to stop the wheels turning in the dirt. It was such a relief to have people who knew more about the terrain than we did. I'm sure your neighbours will have plenty of opportunities to share those golden nuggets of information in the future too.

    It's nice to know you don't have to endure the challenges completely alone.