Saturday, March 21, 2015

Moving Day

Yesterday was the day for the removal guys to take away all our stuff. They arrived at 7.30 am and proceeded to load the truck. 

They were supposed to bring a truck and a trailer but only brought the truck, all day the main guy kept saying its not all going to fit. 

The emptier the house got the more he kept saying it.

And no it didnt all fit, we already knew this because we were told in our quote that it would need a truck and a trailer but someone in the warehouse stuffed up.

By early evening the truck was as full as it was going to get so they closed up, we signed off on the paper work and away the truck went back to Ulladulla where all our stuff will be stored until we find a property to have it delivered to.

What of all everything that was left over you might ask well its in the garage and will be picked up on Monday and taken down to the storage with the rest of our things. There wasn't all that much left over it was mostly awkward items like the wheelbarrows, BBQ, and other garden items.

On to some very good news we will be staying at a property 20km out of Bombala on the road to Delegate.
We were lucky enough to meet up with two very nice people who are allowing us to camp on their property and in exchange we will help out with some work that they need doing.
Now the house is empty and it feels like we are squatters. Sally Girl is going from room to room, i wonder what she is thinking.

As for our 2 sons they were unable to find a place to rent so one will be staying with a mate and the other will be staying at Granddads. This is only temporary, the both of them plus another friend will rent a house together. I was hoping to get them all settled into their own place before we left but we just ran out of time.
We would have liked them to come with us but neither of them wanted to move to "the middle of nowhere" as they put it.

Only a couple more days till its all final and we hand over the keys.
I am starting to get excited, i was saving it up for when all the boxes were packed and everything went on the truck.
we dont know which day we will be heading down as we are waiting on some solar panels to be delivered but any day now our new adventure will start. 

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl


  1. Okay, solar panels? Do you already have another property you're not telling us about? ;) I'm excited for you guys too. This is an enormous hurdle to get over, and hopefully the rest will be slightly easier.

  2. Good luck today guys. Give us a call if u get lost

  3. So it has happened. You have finally packed your stuff and sent yourself off to a new adventure in life. You must be thankful for all the storage and warehouse equipment, for making things a bit more convenient, especially in handling the weight of the stuff that you need.

    Traci Mcdaniel @ Carolina Material Handling Inc