Sunday, March 29, 2015

Camp Site

Had a couple of set backs with the trailer lights not wired right and Betty's bull bar was rubbing on her new tires. We had new lights put on the trailer and our awesome brother in law Stephen fixed the bull bar for us just like new, both of these took all day Friday.
We left St Marys at 5.20 am on Saturday morning, we were finally on our way.

On the road..... Sally Girl had most of the back seat to herself and does she ever love to ride in the Ute.
 Stopped for breakfast about 8am at a pretty good truck stop called Roadhaven Cafe, on the Hume Hwy next to a hungry jacks and a fuel station, we can highly recommend it. Reasonable prices and the food was great.
With plenty of area to walk Sally girl on the grass it was a pretty good stopping point.

With a couple of more stops along the way we were soon only 41 km out of Bombala on the Monaro HWY.
Getting pretty close to our destination.

Bombala is Platypus country and as you can see from the picture's below pretty close to the coast and also pretty close to the snowy mountains.

When we stayed down here the last two times we camped in the South East Forests National Park between Cathcart, Candelo and Bemboka up on the mountain at Nunnock camp ground. Its a free site with just a pit toilet and no drinking water. Highly recommend camping there but dont forget to bring in your water.

Not far now, dirt from here on in.

We set up camp in a lovely place under some shady trees, unfortunately its on a little bit of a slope but we don't mind.

Sally Girl has become a part time free range dog, we have only had to put her on the run lead a couple of times. She has started to come when we call her and not just when she wants to, so that's pretty good especially as the property is not all fenced.

Early to bed as we were very tired and it got cold pretty quick.
We purchased Coleman -10 sleeping bags, they are so thick and warm i think we are going to need them as the weather is starting to get quite cool in the evening.

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl


  1. Are they your solar panels I see in the last picture with Sally?

    It looks like a lovely way to travel and reach your destination. Stay warm!

  2. Yes they are the solar panels Chris , a very good purchase