Thursday, June 6, 2019


It seems like such a short while ago we were sweltering in the heat here at Early Bird Farm with little to no relief. It was mid autumn by the time the days started to cool and it felt like the season was changing. In a blink of an eye autumn was over, the lovely cool crisp mornings have turned to cold wintery days.
As i sit here writing looking out my window i can see 3 of my hens pecking at the grass with their feathers ruffling in the wind.

I always say i love winter best as the cold suits me well, but i think every season has its beauty.
The changing of the leaves in autumn is a site to see when at the top of the hill before coming into town, the beautiful trees all showing off their best dresses along the river. Soon enough all those beautiful dresses are dropped to their feet and their naked forms slumber for the winter and a well earned rest.
Winter brings Mr frost who leaves his frozen fingers on everything, freezing the water in the dam, baths and water troughs alike. If we are lucky we will get one soft white blanket of snow this winter season, it is truly a magical site to see and one i look forward to. Cold winters days are made for sitting by the fire and reading a good book or the all important seed catalogues and dreaming about all the food i will grow come spring and summer.
The days become shorter and the nights so very long until the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. Then the days start to lengthen once again as we head towards spring.
All of a sudden the trees begin to awake and tiny blossoms appear followed by fresh green leaves and once again the trees have dressed for the season.
Its not until mid spring that the days start to warm, the seeds that i started at the end of winter in the greenhouse can be planted out in the garden.
Spring is the time of renewal, it gives us a light step, a smile and hope for the coming season. Hope that i can grow enough to not only feed us through summer but to preserve some for the winter and if im lucky also to share with friends.
Before long, summer is upon us, the days are wonderfully long with beautiful clear night skies. Their twinkling eyes looking down on us from above daring us to find their hidden constellations.
The sun turns from warming us from the cold of winter to melting and wilting everything in sight.
We are all moving slow in the heat hoping for a summer storm to cool it down. If the rain comes it goes in the blink of an eye, the sun dries up every little bit of moisture in our dry parched summer land. Its a fight to keep our fruits and veggies watered for the long awaited summer harvests.
While the long hot summer days and unbearable humid nights seem to go on for ever, relief comes at last with the summer rains. Then all too soon the calendar says its autumn once again.
Here on the farm we live by the ebb and flow of the seasons, we are so much more connected with nature than we ever were in the suburbs.
Every year is different, colder, hotter, wetter, dryer, good or bad, life is so much more sweeter.

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl

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  1. My favourite seasons are spring and autumn, as there is a crossover between the extremes. It seems the perfect time of year for everything. Our autumn days have turned to winter too. The solstice is only a few more weeks away. We certainly noticed the lack of light in the mornings. The kind that doesn't want to make you get out of bed, lol. But arise, we must!

    Great to see a post on your blog, and how the seasons turn in your part of the world.