Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Washing Part #2

When i was a little girl we lived on our grandparents farm and ever since then, i have wanted a post and rail clothes line.
Its funny the things you remember from your childhood 
5 years old and helping mum and nanna hang out the clothes, handing them the pegs and watching as the pole went up and lifted the line.  
Dresses, jeans, shirts and sheets flapping merrily in the wind.
All my adult life i have enjoyed doing the washing, seeing a line full of clothes drying in the fresh air and flapping in the breeze brings a sense of accomplishment, pride in a job well done.
So at the age of 45 i can finally look out at the washing flapping in the breeze on my own post and rail clothes line. This makes me very happy.

This timber was milled last year and has sat for quite a while waiting to be turned into a clothes line.
The worst thing about letting hardwood sit for so long is it just gets harder, which means its harder to cut and drill and forget about using nails unless you pre drill. It really is like iron.

We are very thankful that we have a very good saw and that Andrews wonderful brother has lent us his saw table it has been a god sent.

If your wondering what the floor is that Andrew is working on, well thats the shed floor and it hasn't gotten any further than that. It is amazing how many jobs get started and set aside for other jobs.
Oh well everything gets done in its own time.

The foreman hard at work as always.
If your wondering how we run our power tools we use a generator, in the height of summer we can run them off the solar but its just easier to take the genny to where your working.
Purchased Supplies: 
12x Coach Bolts, 14x Screw in Eyes, 
2x Turn Buckles, 2x Wire Clamps 2x bags Cement
Plastic Coated Wire Line was a gift from friends.

My clothes line does not tilt as my nannas did so wont be needing a pole, the lines will sit pretty high so the washing will not drag on the ground.

As Andrew built the posts then i get to shovel in the concrete. This will probably be the only concrete we will use here at the farm.

 I cant tell you how happy i was the day those posts went in the ground.
Two weeks later it was strung with seven lines, more than enough room to hang all the washing and then some.

It was the end of Autumn when the line went in so it hasn't had a lot of work since the fire has been on. Love the fire to keep us warm, don't love the smell of smoky clothes.
So over winter all our washing gets hung in the cabin, it drys pretty well especially when its hung from the roof beams. Looks like a chinese laundry as they say.

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl

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