Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Star Pickets

How to remove a star picket

I think of star pickets as temporary fencing, the reason being is they are so useful for soo many things its crazy to use them for anything permanent and at between $4 and $6 each they are way to expensive not to be a reusable item.

In the front paddock there were 20 or so pickets we wanted to remove and once hammered in can take a bit of doing to get them out of the ground.

The supplies you will need are a piece of chain, a metal bar or pipe and either a nut and bolt or as we used a U shackle.

The shackle goes through the bottom hole of the picket and the chain goes on the shackle forming a loop for the pipe to go through.

Then all you need to do is leaver the pipe and the picket will lift out of the ground.

Its not always easy as some are in further than others and if the ground is really hard like ours it can take a bit of work to get them out.
But saying that this is the easiest way of removing star pickets and you dont bend them in the process.

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  1. Old star pickets never die, they just get welded into something else! Last clearing sale I went to I won 2 pallets of old ones for $5. Pullers are often up for grabs, but the principle is the same as what you're doing. :)