Sunday, March 20, 2016

Solar Set up Part #1

We ordered our solar set up on line and it was a toss up between two companies, one was a bit cheaper and you had to wire the board yourself and the other came with a pre-wired board and was more expensive. 
We decided to go with the pre-wired and had 2 double power points added to the board.
4 x solar panels and 8 x Giant premium heavy duty sealed deep cycle batteries. 

As the order was too large to be delivered to the post office we had it delivered to Dads place in Sydney and that meant a trip to go and pick it up. 

It took months but they finally let us know it was ready to be shipped, so off to Sydney we went only to find out after being there for a week that they not only didnt ship it but they were still waiting for part of the order. Grrrr..... Home again and lots of phone calls later and we decided to council the order and get a refund but they surly didnt like that and made sure our order was ready a couple of weeks later and back to Sydney we went to pick up our power.
We were glad when it arrived but it just wasn't as exciting what with all the stuffing around and two trips to Sydney and all.

Home again and everything was put into the shipping container and thats where it stayed all of winter. It was just too wet and muddy to do anything.
In mid November we decided on where we were going to put the batteries, inside the cabin was not an option as we already had limited space so we decided to build a small cupboard to house them out side on the back wall of the cabin.
Andrew pretty much got to work, we cut a tree for the six stumps and put them in the ground.

Next Andrew had to mill some timber and then we were well on our way.

Levelled up and the barer's and joists were added, all hand nailed into hard wood and boy was it ever hard. As you can see we have a little bit of a slope but we just followed the beam at the bottom of the cabin.

Next up the flooring went on, i did most of the cutting and Andrew did all the nailing, i did nail on one board but my wrists , elbows and shoulders aren't what they use to be and again that wood is hard.

Took us about 4 days to get this far then the rain paid us a visit so we were at a stand still for a couple of weeks.

By this time we had purchased a nail gun so the frame went up pretty quick. 
A trip down the back and we found a few sheets of old iron for the roof.

I made the lunch and Andrew worked on the fold down doors.

A bit of silicon in the old nail holes on the tin, some handles and the cupboard is all finished.

Stay tuned for part #2 


  1. I've been wondering what you guys have been up to lately. What a wonderful job done, with your own materials on site. It's handy to get some proper tools, if it means saving your body some pain! With all that wood, it sounds like all that new equipment will get a workout.

    Here's hoping your power is on soon. Though I'm sure you guys have handled it well, without it, thus far. :)

  2. hey Chris, it is all set up and its wonderful, oh the joy of a regular sized fridge.....

  3. Well there you go! I'd be pleased as punch with a regular sized fridge too. Somewhere to put all that delicious food. Especially if you grow it yourselves

  4. didnt you guys get two nailguns when you were in sydney or did you go buy another one?

  5. Hey Joshua, We brought 2 second hand builders nail guns from a friend of Uncle Gary's

  6. This looks like such a terrific project. I look forward to part 2.