Saturday, July 29, 2017

Early Bird Farm Store

While i was away......

Life has just kept moving froward for the last year, small steps from one project to another.
We have added a few woolly friends, some feathered ones and a tasty oinker to the freezer.

I think the biggest thing has been the Early Bird Farm Store it was a natural progression toward our living a slower more simple life.
My time is spent doing farm chores, building projects, gardening, cooking, making all the products for the store and advertising. I find the advertising the most time consuming and my least favourite thing to do, but without it there would be no store.
Anyone who has read my Going Green blog will know that i enjoy not only cooking but also sewing, crocheting, mending and so many different crafts the list would be very long indeed.
I have always tried to be frugal and make as much as i can, whether its from scratch cooking or making clothes from second hand sheets, shopping bags or dish cloths.
So i guess it was a natural progression when i started making a few things to sell.
Welcome to the Early Bird Farm Store where you will find Earth Friendly products all hand made right here on our farm.

Happy Adventures Nicole, Andrew & Sally Girl


  1. What a lovely chook. :) And judging by the brief look I got at your store, they are pretty popular. Those and the vege bags. I hope you make a lot of sales. A lot of work has gone into the labels and pictures, and it looks very approachable.

    I'll keep your shop in mind, if I'm looking for presies and such. :)

  2. thanks for popping into take a look Chris :o)